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Wellvitex Z + collection with zinc oxide is functional underwear for: women, men, children and infants. All models of Wellvitex Z + collection are with striking functionality and with excellent benefits for the active generation of people who care about health and and quality of life. Wellvitex Z+ was developed for people with particularly sensitive skin, such as those suffering from neurodermatitis, psoriasis, skin allergies or dry or sore skin. Performance and practicality in perfect harmony. Wellvitex Z+ can provide support in the treatment of skin complaints and skin irritations.

Functional underwear for the whole family - innovative textile fiber with zinc provides gentle skin care with long-term protective effect / manufacturer provides functionality for textiles up to 70 washes, washing it T 60 C /.

Wellvitex Z + excellent comfort provided by:

• the delicate/ soft surface of the fibres,

• the textiles positive effect on the body regulation of temperature and skin moisture,

• the external seams,

• the high-quality processing,

•  the pefect fit

Wellvitex Z + clothing advantages:

approved and certified,

• made in Germany,

• tested in  Jena University Clinic, in accordance with JIS L 1902: 2002 standard,

• Wellvitex Z + textile fiber won the German Innovation Award in 2000,

ITV Denkendorf has given Wellvitex Z+ textiles its clinical seal of approval for bio-compatibility,

“Confidence in Textiles” certification according to the Hohenstein Institute’s OEKO-TEX® Standard 100,  product class.

Wellvitex Z + clothes with zinc is made in Germany and won the German Innovation Award. For Wellvitex Z +  functional high-tech fibers production is used the pharmaceutical quality zinc oxide. Wellvitex Z + clothing is characterized by a soothing, cooling and antibacterial effect and this  clothes is especially suitable for people with irritated, sensitive or highly sensitive skin - dry and inflamed or itchy skin /neurodermatitis, psoriasis, skin allergies/.  šeit...
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